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This page is intended for developers contributing to the source code of the Rascal implementation itself, rather than programmers that use Rascal.

Library contributions

We solicit for Rascal library contributions. Examples are bindings for version repository systems and bug databases, or front-ends for programming languages and domain specific languages. Please contact us if you are interested.

Enhancements, bugs and patches

We welcome feedback. Please use GitHub issues to submit your contributions such as pull requests, bug reports and suggestions for enhancement. Thanks!

Source access

Rascal is completely hosted on GitHub, under the UseTheSource repositories. See our developer setup instructions on which projects to checkout and dependencies to install.

Continuous integration

  • Please find our Jenkins installation running at
  • The continuous update site is deployed at Every time a contribution is pushed to GitHub, and all tests succeed, the unstable update site is build and deployed fully automatically.
  • We also publish a unstable version of the command line REPL
  • We archived an interpreter-only version here

VScode/LSP prototype