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Rascal MPL is part of the UseTheSource organization. UseTheSource is an initiative from Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), SWAT group, in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). The code and other artifacts on UseTheSource are contributed by different people from different institutes, such as, Universiteit van Amsterdam, TU Eindhoven, NFI, East Carolina University, University of Bergen. Find out who they are here on github.

UseTheSource Community

UseTheSource is a collection of open-source projects related to metaprogramming in a broad sense and software language engineering: languages, libraries, tools, IDEs. See Projects for the full list. The general goal of this software is to help software engineers manage the complexity of their code by automating tasks which are hard or cumbersome to do otherwise. On UseTheSource code means everything: abstract models, specifications, data files and source code -as written in any given software language.



First logoTobias Baandersoriginal Rascal logo
2nd logo PNGKitty Molenaar2nd Rascal logo
2nd logo SVGKitty Molenaar2nd Rascal logo
Current logo PNGKitty Molenaarcurrent Rascal logo
Current logo SVGKitty Molenaarcurrent Rascal logo


  • Paul Klint
  • Davy Landman
  • Jurgen Vinju
  • Tijs van der Storm
  • Jasper Timmer
  • Mark Hills
  • Rodin Aarssen
  • Arnold Lankamp
  • Anastasia Izmaylova
  • Ashim Shahi
  • Ali Afroozeh
  • Anya Helene Bagge
  • Bert Lisser
  • Bas Basten
  • Vadim Zaystev
  • Jouke Stoel
  • Jeroen van den Bos
  • Lina Maria Ochoa Venegas
  • Riemer van Rozen
  • Mauricio Verano Merino
  • Michael Steindorfer
  • Pieter Olivier
  • Pablo Inostroza Valdera
  • Emilie Balland
  • Ferry Riet
  • Wietse Venema
  • Joppe Kroon
  • Michael Godfrey
  • Tim Soethout
  • Rodrigo Bonifacio
  • Mike Bierliee
  • Waruzjan Shahbazian
  • Diego Marcilio
  • Cleverton Hentz
  • Cindy Berghuizen
  • Jeroen Peeters
  • Davy Meers
  • Ruben Steins
  • Nick Lodewijks
  • Omar Duhaiby
  • Tianyu Liu
  • Ahmad Salim Al-Sibahi

For the full list, please visit the Github Org page and the Github Contributor pages, e.g. Rascal Contributors.