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Release notes


  • added Path2D data type + canvas API functions for them.
  • mouse events on canvas elements.
  • added more demos
  • minor fixes, and blur avoidance
  • rudimentary support for static canvas elements (WIP)
  • edge/node adding/removal starting to work.
  • worked on improving the patch algorithms for corner cases..
  • towards jsPlumb alien integration.


  • bumped salix version


  • bumped rascal-maven-plugin
  • bumped rascal and salix


  • bumped salix-core


  • bumped salix-core


The 0.1.0 release represents a fork of the original salix project where only the library extensions are bundled here and the core of salix is encapsulated by the salix-core project.

At the same time several experimental libraries were deprecated and not included with this project, and new experiments were added with promise. Cytoscape and Mermaid are two examples of this.

  • Rascal source files now end up in the jar as well
  • uppped dependencies on salix and rascal
  • added CITATION
  • added FUNDING file
  • added LICENSE
  • Update
  • Preparing for modes.
  • Syntax highlighting mode data type
  • setValue doesn't send change events to Salix.
  • onChange event handling
  • Command for setting text in Ace
  • Basic Ace integration.
  • Node click event for Cytoscape.
  • Changed default size.
  • Click event for charts.
  • Basic charts.
  • Mermaid extensions