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Getting Help

  • To get started with download, installation and your first run, look here.
  • To quit the Rascal Shell prompt type :quit
  • To get initial help using the Rascal Shell prompt type :help
  • In case you ran into other troubles, please refer to:
    1. The Troubleshooting information for download, install and first runs.
    2. The questions asked and answered on StackOverflow
    3. The (open) issues registered with Github Issues
  • Directly in the Rascal IDE there is help available:
    1. On the commandline, type :help
    2. In Eclipse there is the Tutor View which opens all the documentation pages inside Eclipse.
    3. In VScode use the command palette and search for Rascal for more commands.
  • For specific application topics, "Howto" kind of information, etc. please go to Further Reading.
  • There is a lot of documentation on Rascal and its libraries. Read the Browsing page on how to navigate it.