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Help at the command line



Get help when using Rascal at the command line (CLI, REPL, Rascal Shell)


While using the command line interface you can get help like so:

Welcome to the Rascal command shell.

Shell commands:
:help Prints this message
:quit or EOF Quits the shell
:set <option> <expression> Sets an option
e.g. profiling true/false
tracing true/false
errors true/false
:edit <modulename> Opens an editor for that module
:test Runs all unit tests currently loaded

Example rascal statements and declarations:
1 + 1; Expressions simply print their output and (static) type
int a; Declarations allocate a name in the current scope
a = 1; Assignments store a value in a (optionally previously declared) variable
int a = 1; Declaration with initialization
import IO; Importing a module makes its public members available
println("Hello World") Function calling

Please read the manual for further information

To quit the repl use :quit