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Browsing the Rascal documentation


All Rascal documentation has been indexed and cross-referenced and can be accessed via a single browser interface.


It is organized in courses, each course consist of a hierarchy of concepts. For example, the documentation for while is found in the course named Rascal and the complete name is Rascal/Statements/While.

Courses will refer to the concepts in other courses via links. All links have been checked before publication.

API docs

Every Rascal library project also represents one course. Each module produces one concept and encapsulates what is defined and documented within. In particular the standard library is interesting to browse. The package hierarchy of the library is mapped one-to-one to the concept hierarchy of the corresponding course.

Code examples

Almost all code examples in the documentation are tested automatically before the documentation is published. So you can freely copy/paste from the documentation.

Most pages are indexed carefully, for example using the appropriate keywords and punctuation of Rascal.

Nevertheless the search box on the website will produce results in all courses, like Help (this course) and Recipes or Library.