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Release notes


  • Mouse events with xy coordinates.
  • Added experimental Canvas feature


  • Display HTTP errors on fetch to the user.
  • Hard reload now preserves application model.
  • Passing withIndex keyword params through.


  • Simple popup/tooltip decoration utility for Salix views.


  • Empty strings do not contribute empty HTML text nodes.
  • Fixed path missing delimiter


This was the initial fork of the old salix project, which removes the library extensions and focuses on a pure HTML/JS core.

  • proper authors
  • added CITATION and FUNDING files
  • Boot aliens before init()
  • Disabled logging
  • Only once boot aliens upon init.
  • Fix to removal/addition/booting of aliens.
  • JSON typed handlers
  • Encode message payload as JSON in single URL param.
  • "void" commands need type nothing.
  • Additional script attributes.
  • Started "alien" prototype.
  • Update docs.
  • Appender access via this.
  • Support for untyped, binary tuple handlers.
  • Moving extensions to salix-contrib
  • For now, no events in Mermaid.
  • Unregister aliens when alien DOM is removed.
  • Basic alien element embedding.
  • SVG and subs working again.
  • Updating to new JSON serializer.
  • Simpler JS.
  • Removing subs and cmds.