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Field Assignment



Assignment to a field of a tuple or datatype.


Exp₁ [ FieldName = Exp₂ ]


Exp₁ should evaluate to a tuple or a constructor with a field named Name. Statically the type should either be a assign the value of Exp₂ to that field

Field assignment applies to all values that have named components like tuples and relations with named elements, data types, and locations. Field assignment returns a new value in which the named component has been replaced by a new value. Name stands for itself and is not evaluated.


rascal>tuple[int key, str val] T = <1, "abc">;
tuple[int key,str val]: <1,"abc">
rascal>T[val = "def"];
tuple[int key,str val]: <1,"def">
rascal> T;
tuple[int key,str val]: <1,"abc">

Observe that field assignment creates a new value with an updated field. The old value remains unchanged as can be seen from the unchanged value of T in the above example.