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Rascal 0.27.x release notes

In this post we report on the Rascal release 0.27.x

Release 0.27.2 - November 23, 2022

  • the tutor compiler now takes screenshots if an interactive visual is generated in a rascal-shell code block.
  • the JSON serializer maps objects to constructors one-to-one now. Only AlgebraicDataTypes with single constructors are allowed, or lists of nullary constructors (for enums).
  • added vis::Chart with 8 basic chart styles based on chart.js
  • added util::Validator which can validate any node instances against an AlgebraicDataType using matching and memoized backtracking. Useful for reading in complex XML, JSON or YAML data.
  • issue with variablescope leakage in the visit statement was fixed.