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Eight Queens


This demo implements a solver of the eight queens puzzle:

First the prerequisites:

import List;
import util::Math;

We play eight queens on a chess board, n by n squares, but usually 8. very queen has her position:

alias Pos = tuple[int x,int y];

Queens challenge eachother diagonally if the absolute difference in x coordinates equals the absolute difference in y coordinates:

bool diagonalOverlap(Pos l, Pos r) = l != r ==> abs(l.x - r.x) == abs(l.y - r.y);

One particular guess at a solution can be checked by simply comparing all pairs of queens with one another for diagonal overlap:

lrel[&T,&T] pairs(list[&T] p) =
[ <p[i],p[j]> | i <- [0..size(p)-1], j <- [i+1..size(p)]];

bool isSolution(list[Pos] queens) = all(<l,r> <- pairs(queens), !diagonalOverlap(l,r));

The main driver is a brute force generator of all possible permutations on the board:

list[list[Pos]] nQueens(int n) 
= [queens
| cols <- permutations([0..n]),
queens := [<i,cols[i]> | i <- [0..n]],

Let's give it a try:

list[lrel[int x,int y]]: [