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Running Rascal in Eclipse


After the installation procedure running Rascal in Eclipse is a matter of starting the Rascal Shell:

  1. with the command button
  2. using the the pull-down menu

Starting Rascal Shell with the command button.

  • If no project was (ever) selected the button starts a Rascal Shell with only the standard library on its path
  • Otherwise, the last selected project in any navigator, or opened file in the edit space, selects the project that is used to configure the search paths.
  • Use the create new project instructions, or the New project Wizard in Eclipse to obtain a Rascal project setup.



The Rascal logo appears twice in the button bar:

  • the left one is to start the Rascal Shell
  • the right one is to select the Rascal Eclipse "perspective" with additional features like the "Rascal Navigator"

Starting Rascal Shell from the menu

From the menu the behavior is exactly the same as from the button bar:


Programmatic access to Eclipse features

  • Use IDEServices to communicate with Eclipse, to register problems, to open files and browsers, etc.
  • Use util::IDE for programming Eclipse plugins for languages designed using Rascal.
  • The project://<projectName> location scheme provides access to the root of each registered folder in the VScode workspace.
  • Use getProjectPathConfig for Java and Rascal project configuration extracted from Maven and Eclipse configuration (classpaths, sourcepaths, library dependencies).

The util::IDE module is waiting to be documented