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module Exception


Exceptions thrown by the Rascal run-time


import Exception;

data RuntimeException

The Exception datatype used in all Rascal exceptions.

data RuntimeException  
= Ambiguity(loc location, str nonterminal, str sentence)
| ArithmeticException(str message)
| AssertionFailed()
| AssertionFailed(str label)
| CallFailed(list[value] arguments)
| DateTimeParsingError(str message)
| DateTimePrintingError(str message)
| EmptyList()
| EmptyMap()
| EmptySet()
| IndexOutOfBounds(int index)
| IllegalArgument()
| IllegalArgument(value v)
| IllegalArgument(value v, str message)
| IllegalTypeArgument(str cls, str message)
| ImplodeError(str message)
| InvalidURI(str uri)
| InvalidUseOfDate(str message)
| InvalidUseOfDateTime(str message)
| InvalidUseOfLocation(str message)
| InvalidUseOfTime(str message)
| IO(str message)
| Java(str class, str message)
| Java(str class, str message, RuntimeException cause)
| JavaException(str class, str message)
| JavaException(str class, str message, RuntimeException cause)
| JavaCompilation(str message, int line, int column, str source, list[loc] classpath)
| MalFormedURI(str uri)
| ModuleNotFound(str name)
| MultipleKey(value key, value first, value second)
| NoMainFunction()
| NoParent(loc location)
| NoSuchAnnotation(str label)
| NoSuchElement(value v)
| NoSuchField(str name)
| NoSuchKey(value key)
| NotImplemented(str message)
| ParseError(loc location)
| PathNotFound(loc location)
| PathNotFound(set[loc] locs)
| PermissionDenied()
| PermissionDenied(str message)
| RegExpSyntaxError(str message)
| SchemeNotSupported(loc location)
| StackOverflow()
| Timeout()
| UnavailableInformation()

This data type declares all exceptions that are thrown by the Rascal run-time environment which can be caught by a Rascal program.

Since declarations for data types are extensible, the user can add new exceptions when needed. However, this is not necessary. The throw statement can throw any value.

Exceptions are either generated by the Rascal run-time (e.g., IndexOutOfBounds) or they are generated by a throw statement. They can all be caught with a try-catch using pattern matching.


Import relevant libraries:

rascal>import Exception;
rascal>import IO;

Define the map weekend and do a subscription with a non-existing key:

rascal>weekend = ("saturday": 1, "sunday": 2);
map[str, int]: ("sunday":2,"saturday":1)
|prompt:///|(8,8,<1,8>,<1,16>): NoSuchKey("monday")
at $shell$(|prompt:///|(0,18,<1,0>,<1,18>))

Repeat this, but catch the exception. We use variable N to track what happened:

rascal>N = 1;
int: 1
rascal>try {
>>>>>>> N = weekend["monday"];
>>>>>>>} catch NoSuchKey(v):
>>>>>>> N = 100;