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module Compiler


Synopsis: Translate the SMTLIBv2 AST to string so that it can be interpreted by a SMTLIBv2 compliant solver


import lang::smtlib2::Compiler;


import lang::smtlib2::command::Ast;
import lang::smtlib2::theory::core::Ast;
import lang::smtlib2::theory::ints::Ast;

function toString

list[str] toString(Script script)

str toString(setLogic(Logic logic))

str toString(setOption(Option option))

str toString(setInfo(Info info))

str toString(declareSort(str name, int arity))

str toString(defineSort(str name, list[str] sorts, list[Sort] types))

str toString(declareFunction(str name, list[Sort] params, Sort returnType))

str toString(defineFunction(str name, list[SortedVar] params, Sort returnType, Expr body))

str toString(\assert(Expr expr))

str toString(checkSatisfiable())

str toString(getValue(exprs))

str toString(getUnsatCore())

str toString(push(nr))

str toString(pop(nr))

str toString(exit())

default str toString(Command command)

str toString(interactiveMode(val))

str toString(printSuccess(bool val))

str toString(regularOutputChannel(channel))

str toString(diagnosticOutputChannel(str channel))

str toString(expandDefinitions(bool val))

str toString(produceProofs(bool val))

str toString(produceUnsatCores(bool val))

str toString(produceModels(bool val))

str toString(produceAssignments(bool val))

str toString(randomSeed(int seed))

str toString(verbosity(int level))

str toString(list[SortedVar] params)

str toString(list[Sort] sorts)

str toString(\int())

str toString(\bool())

str toString(boolVal(b))

str toString(intVal(i))

str toString(var(str name))

str toString(lit(Literal lit))

str toString(named(labeledExpr, label))

str toString(customFunctionCall(functionName, params))

str toString(\not(val))

str toString(implies(lhs, rhs))

str toString(and(lhs, rhs))

str toString(or(lhs, rhs))

str toString(xor(lhs, rhs))

str toString(eq(lhs, rhs))

str toString(distinct(lhs, rhs))

str toString(ite(condition, whenTrue, whenFalse))

str toString(neg(val))

str toString(sub(lhs, rhs))

str toString(add(lhs, rhs))

str toString(mul(lhs, rhs))

str toString(div(lhs, rhs))

str toString(\mod(lhs, rhs))

str toString(abs(val))

str toString(lte(lhs, rhs))

str toString(lt (lhs, rhs))

str toString(gte(lhs, rhs))

str toString(gt (lhs, rhs))