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module analysis::m3::AST


a symbolic representation for abstract syntax trees of programming languages.


import analysis::m3::AST;


import Message;
import Node;
import analysis::m3::TypeSymbol;


We provide a general set of data types for the syntactic constructs of programming languages: Expression, Statement, Declaration and Type. Also, very common syntactic constructs are added to this, such as if, while, etc.

The idea is that parsers for different languages will map to common abstract syntax elements, when this can be done meaningfully. If not, then these front-ends will extend the existing types with new constructor definitions, or even new kinds of types will be added. The shared representation limits the element of surprise when working with different languages, and perhaps may make some downstream analyses reusable.

The concept of a source location is important for abstract syntax trees. The annotation src will always point to value of type loc, pointing to the physical location of the construct in the source code.

The concept of declaration is also relevant. A decl annotation points from a use of a concept to its definition, but always via an indirection (i.e. fully qualified name). The decl annotation is also of type loc, where each location is a fully qualified name of the definition that is used.

Finally, the concept of a type is relevant for ASTs. In particular an Expression may have a typ annotation, or a variable declaration, etc.


  • Symbolic abstract syntax trees can be analyzed and transformed easily using Rascal primitives such as patterns, comprehensions and visit.


  • Even though different languages may map to the same syntactic construct, this does not mean that the semantics is the same. Downstream metrics or other analysis tools should still take semantic differences between programming languages into account.

data \AST

data \AST (loc file = |unknown:///|) 
= declaration(Declaration declaration)
| lines(list[str] contents)
| noAST(Message msg)

data Declaration

data Declaration (
loc src = |unknown:///|,
loc decl = |unresolved:///|, //unresolvedDecl
TypeSymbol typ = \any(),
list[Modifier] modifiers = [],
list[Message] messages = []

data Statement

data Statement (
loc src = |unknown:///|,
loc decl = |unresolved:///| //unresolvedDecl

data Expression

data Expression (
loc src = |unknown:///|,
loc decl = |unresolved:///|, //unresolvedDecl,
TypeSymbol typ = \any()

data Type

data Type (
loc name = |unresolved:///|, //unresolvedType,
TypeSymbol typ = \any()

function astNodeSpecification

Test for the consistency characteristics of an M3 annotated abstract syntax tree

bool astNodeSpecification(node n, str language = "java", bool checkNameResolution=false, bool checkSourceLocation=true)