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module util::Test


Provides occasionally useful access to Rascal's testing framework


import util::Test;


extend Message;


Rascal's test framework can normally be accessed via UI and commandline interfaces:

  • Running as JUnit tests in IDEs
  • Running as JUnit tests from Maven
  • Executing the :test command in a Rascal REPL

This module provides a programmatic interface, and reports the test results as values. It can be handy to construct more UI components which interact with tests, but also to query larger volumes of failing tests.

data TestResult

data TestResult  
= \testResult(str name, bool success, loc src, str message = "", list[value] exceptions = [])

function runTests

Run all tests for the given module name

list[TestResult] runTests(str moduleName)

This function works under the assumption that the named module is available in the current execution environment.


test testTest

private test bool testTest() = true;